For one thing, having a portfolio can be critical to getting hired. My portfolio has continued to help me get that first call and, to my great and pleasant surprise, land the offer. That’s because it helped me prepare to talk about my work and also conveniently share my work as more people were added to the interview panel.

  • Jack Jeznach is a front-end developer and WordPress expert with 10+ years of experience.
  • Also, these projects are geared towards entry-level developers who’ve covered the basics of frontend development and are looking for slightly more advanced projects.
  • A strong web developer portfolio is essential when you’re applying for jobs or projects in any web development company.
  • Create your front end portfolio using the procedures listed below to attract clients and employers.

If you know someone looking to launch their music, acting, chef career, etc., help them design and build their site. It’s definitely a way to get more coding experience and also get to know people in your life better. I’ve seen my colleagues work on things like To-Do list apps, chat apps, a tracker to stay up-to-date with TV shows, generating knitting pattern combinations, and numerous games.

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Going down this path is easier once you have a design in mind. This site uses a simple but stunning way to present the designer’s portfolios. Combined with the deft use of animation effects, the card-based layout easily engages users. Yul Moreau takes inspiration from the 80s in creating his portfolio website, and it’s a great examples of using visuals to increase user engagement.

  • But creating a portfolio can help help you find out what actually makes you stand out in a positive way.
  • At the bottom of the homepage, he added a short copy that includes a call-to-action to let clients know he’s available for freelance projects.
  • Lauren’s portfolio utilizes large typography and a basic background to create dynamic contrast.
  • The concept might be ideal, but it might also be a little annoying and tiresome.

You have the choice to use a portfolio builder or create a front end portfolio website from scratch. There are various tools available, each with advantages and disadvantages. For front end developers, creating a personal website portfolio gives them complete creative freedom.

Which developers have made portfolios that you love?

You can also refer to some front end developer portfolios on GitHub before creating your portfolio. Check out the Front End Web Development Courses online to enhance your front end development skills and master cutting-edge tools to build rich, interactive websites. A front-end web developer portfolio is a personal website designed to showcase your skillset, work on past projects, and personality. Essentially, it answers the classic interview question, “why should we hire you? ” by building on your resume with illustrative examples of work you’ve done. At the same time, elements like your bio, photos and visual flairs provide a glimpse into your personality and personal style.

A popular framework may also help catch the eyes of hiring managers because you may have less difficulty onboarding if the organization uses the same one. We hope this has provided you with a great source of inspiration for your portfolio site. Regardless of how you make your next site, be sure to make it visually engaging and clear, and don’t forget to show off your best work and brag a bit.

web development portfolios to learn from in 2023

Let’s now discuss some of the front-end developer portfolio examples to comprehend how popular freelancers are making their impact in this field. Web development portfolios are becoming a staple of candidate screening for web developer positions. Below, you’ll find out more about why you need a portfolio, what to include in it, and different web developer portfolio examples you can use in 2023. Seyi is a Software Developer based in Lagos, Nigeria focused on branding, building interactive experiences & creating emotions through design and technology.

Robb is a Developer, Designer and he has experience of approximately
20 years in tech. Jhey’s portfolio contains a lot of information, but it has a pleasant feeling. Even though it uses a multitude how to become a front end developer of colours, they work well together. Max is a Front-End Developer and Designer with an experience of 15 years in the industry. Brittany is a Software Engineer, and her portfolio is a classic already!

Your work as a front end developer should demonstrate your capacity to create appealing, useful websites with lovely visual components and user interfaces. While you’re at it, try out some new programming languages and frameworks to round out your technology stack. A front end developer’s online portfolio should be visually attractive. It is vital to consider how your content will be seen because it will either entice or turn people away from looking at your portfolio.